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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying's Remarks on August 16, 2019

Q: President Trump said during an interview on August 15 that he has a call scheduled soon with President Xi. Does the Chinese side have any comment?

A: Regarding high-level communication, the Chinese and US Presidents have remained in contact with each other via meetings, phone calls and letters.

Q: President Trump said on Twitter that if the Chinese leader "would meet directly and personally with the protesters, there would be a happy and enlightened ending to the Hong Kong problem."He hopes China can deal with this issue humanely. I wonder if you have any comment?

A: We noted that President Trump said there has been "riots for a long period of time".

Since June, the violent criminal activities in Hong Kong have been escalating, which has grossly trampled on the rule of law and social order, severely undermined stability and prosperity in Hong Kong and blatantly challenged the bottom line of the "one country, two systems" principle. The most pressing and overriding task is to stop violence, end the chaos and restore order in accordance with law. The central government firmly supports Chief Executive Carrie Lam in leading the SAR government to administer Hong Kong, the Hong Kong police in strictly enforcing law and the relevant SAR government departments and judiciary in punishing violent criminals according to law.

Q: According to reports, the DPRK launched two unidentifiable objects on August 16. What's your comment?

A: The Chinese side noted relevant situation. The situation on the Peninsula is at a critical stage. China calls on relevant parties to cherish the hard-won amelioration, do more to promote dialogue and ease tensions, implement the political consensus reached by their leaders and make joint efforts for denuclearization on the Peninsula and lasting peace and stability of the Peninsula and the region.

Q: The US administration is pushing forward with a $8 billion F-16V fighter jets to Taiwan. What's your comment?

A: The US arms sales to Taiwan severely violate the one-China principle and the three China-US joint communiqués, especially the August 17 communiqué, constitute interference in China's internal affairs and undermine China's sovereignty and core interests. China firmly opposes this and has lodged stern representations with the US.

It must be stressed that the Taiwan issue concerns China's sovereignty, territorial integrity and security interests. China urges the US to fully recognize the highly sensitive and harmful nature of the relevant issue, abide by the one-China principle and the three China-US joint communiqués, refrain from selling F-16V fighter jets to Taiwan and stop arms sales to and military contact with Taiwan. Otherwise, the Chinese side will surely make strong reactions, and the US will have to bear all the consequences.

Q: An oil tanker owned by a Chinese company recently docked at a port in Malaysia. A US government official had previously said it carried Iranian oil. I wonder what is China's comment on this Chinese vessel carrying Iranian oil in violation of US sanctions?

A: I'm not aware of what you said. I once again emphasize China's consistent opposition against unilateral sanctions and the so-called "long-arm jurisdiction". The normal cooperation between Iran and the international community, including China, under the framework of international law is legal and reasonable, thus should be respected and protected.

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