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Jüngste Stellungnahme der Sprecher des chinesischen Außenministeriums zur Rückverfolgung des Ursprungs von COVID-19

For many times we've read and heard news worldwide on the dates and locations of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, which proves once again that origin-tracing of the virus is a complex matter of science requiring international research and cooperation by scientists across the globe, so as to get a better understanding of its animal hosts and route of transmission. By doing so, we will do a better job in preventing future risks and protecting safety and health of people all over the world.

China has been open, transparent and responsible in origin tracing. We are among the first countries to cooperate with the WHO. Our cooperation is steadily advancing with close communication and exchange. While tracing the origin domestically, China has been earnestly implementing WHA resolutions. We are the first to invite WHO experts in for origin-tracing cooperation. We also held video conferences with WHO experts recently. China will continue actively participating in the global research on the virus' origin tracing and route of transmission, and work with the international community to contribute to global cooperation on fighting the virus.

Origin tracing is an ongoing process that may involve multiple countries and areas. We hope all countries will adopt a positive attitude, strengthen cooperation with the WHO and advance the tracing process worldwide.

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