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Stellungnahme des Sprechers des chinesischen Außenministeriums zur „G7-Erklärung zur Änderung des Wahlrechts in Hongkong"

Recently, a handful of countries viciously smeared the National People's Congress' adoption of a decision on improving the electoral system of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and flagrantly interfered in China's domestic affairs including Hong Kong affairs. China strongly deplores and firmly rejects it.

The decision made by the NPC on improving HKSAR's electoral system is a major step to uphold and improve the system and institutions of One Country and maintain long-term stability in Hong Kong. It is totally constitutional, lawful and justified. It will provide more solid institutional guarantee to the full implementation of "patriots administering Hong Kong", better uphold the overall and fundamental interests of Hong Kong society, contribute to the constant progress of Hong Kong's democratic system and ensure the steady practice of One Country, Two Systems. It embodies the will of all Chinese including Hong Kong compatriots.

Hong Kong is China's special administrative region, thus its electoral system China's local electoral system. How such a system is designed, developed and improved is totally China's internal affairs. During the 150-plus years of colonial rule by the UK, Hong Kong residents have always been suppressed by the British government, with no democracy or human rights to speak of. Why is it that the G7 members paid no attention to Hong Kong's human rights and democracy back then? We urge relevant sides to face up to the reality that Hong Kong returned to China 24 years ago, abide by international law and norms governing international relations and immediately stop interfering in China's internal affairs including Hong Kong affairs. China is firmly resolved and confident in upholding national sovereignty, security and development interests and maintaining long-term prosperity and stability in Hong Kong.

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